Why Sponsor Charlottesville Earth Week?

Your sponsorship of Earth Week makes a difference! Supporting this annual event enables us to bring our community together to celebrate the earth and spread awareness about important environmental issues. Our goal is to create strong, engaged stewardship within our community that lasts beyond our April events.

The Charlottesville Earth Week Eco Fair is our annual Earth Day celebration encompassing and promoting both our own and other organizations and businesses' efforts to increase environmental activism. 

Eco Fair Quick Facts

  1. The Eco Fair and our other Earth Week events reach a large number of people. Since 2009 the festival attendance has increased from around 800 to several thousand attendees. 
  2. We partner with local and regional media outlets in the months leading up to the event, extending our reach beyond just the big day. 
  3. Our website has been known to receive more than 150,000 page views in a single month.


If you would like to donate* anything to the cause, please let us know. Donation = partnership. We’re looking for:

  • Raffle prizes
  • Money
  • Volunteer time and resources
  • In-kind donations (such as media coverage or promotion)

Email director@earthweek.org if you'd like to make a donation and be an Eco Fair Partner.

* Donations to Earth Week Charlottesville are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Earth Week Charlottesville has a joint plan of work with Virginia Organizing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Virginia Organizing is officially registered with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23209. You can write to this Department for all relevant financial statements and procedures regarding the solicitation of contributions. Your donation is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


2018 Sponsors

Dogwood Sponsors


The 55th Annual Restoration Ball is a black-tie affair presented by the Jefferson Society for the benefit of the University of Virginia Rotunda and Academical Village. Every year, the Restoration Ball brings the UVA community together for a fun night of food, music, and dancing. This year the Restoration Ball will be held at the IX Art Park on April 21, and we are grateful to the Jefferson Society for sharing their rented facilities with us.


Virginia Organizing is a non-partisan grassroots organization that empowers Virginians to improve their local communities and to advocate for the issues that matter most, including sustainability. Virginia Organizing supports and partners with many green organizations in the Charlottesville area that we know and love, like Cville Community Bikes and our very own Charlottesville Earth Week. Thanks, Virginia Organizing, for helping us live greener!


Redbud Sponsors


The IX Art Park is a public, non-commercial, interactive space filled with artworks of all kinds and hosting events ranging from potlucks and plant sales to markets and meditation. The IX Art Park marks Charlottesville as a cultural magnet and provides a new model for community building and the role of private entities in creating civic infrastructure.

The City of Charlottesville government is a critical part of sustainability initiatives here in Cville. The City of Charlottesville maintains our public parks and trails, provides public transit, and promotes environmental stewardship, all to make Cville a place where humans, animals and plants can thrive: a truly green city!

Located along the Blue Ridge Mountains, Albemarle County is a great place to explore orchards and farms, hike endless trails, kayak the Rivanna River, and more. The Albemarle County government works tirelessly to preserve forests and historic sites. Without a doubt, Albemarle County is a wonderful place to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors.


Shadbush Sponsors

LEAP or Local Energy Alliance Program began in 2009 after the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County won a grant to fund a community-based energy efficiency organization. LEAP began its highly successful path of home energy upgrades by launching its Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program in July 2010, followed by a program for commercial property owners in 2011, and the start of renewable energy services with the first Solarize campaign in 2014.

The Echo World is the monthly alternative newspaper for spiritual and cultural creatives, dedicated to create stronger communities in Central Virginia. In every issue The Echo World explores ways of inspiring the reader to live a more fulfilling and sustainable life. Articles cover spiritual outlooks, healthy and green living, healing modalities, book reviews and alternative lifestyles.


Tune into 106.1 The Corner, a radio station based in here in Charlottesville! 106.1 The Corner provides a platform for local artists’ music to be heard, and keeps up with local events, sports, and national news. 106.1 The Corner is fueling our healthy, thriving community so be sure to check them out!



Hawthorn Sponsors

The Sierra Club is one of the most acclaimed grassroots environmental organizations in the country. Our local branch, the Virginia Piedmont Group, serves central Virginia, including the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. The Virginia Piedmont Group advocates for and promotes renewable energy, environmentally-friendly pest management, locally grown organic food, and more! The Virginia Piedmont Group of the Sierra Club aims to “better Piedmont communities through respect for the environment.”

SunDaySolar installs and maintains solar systems for homes and small to medium size organizations here in Charlottesville. SunDaySolar, an Entero Energy Company, is providing our community with the tools to live more sustainably. In fact, SunDaySolar has installed over 4000 solar panels since 2010, and that’s a lot of clean energy!


Rebel Yogi is about empowering us to make positive changes in the world by first making positive changes within ourselves. Dhara (Jessica) at Rebel Yogi provides instruction in yoga, vegetarian eating, meditation and more. By exploring ourselves with Rebel Yogi’s guidance in these positive practices, we can build positive, sustainable relationships with our environment.

Thank you to our 2017 Sponsors and Community Partners!


Another BIG Thank you to Apex Clean Energy for being the 2016 Presenting Sponsor!

Apex Clean Energy is an independent renewable energy company bringing domestically produced wind and solar energy to homes and businesses across the United States. Apex Clean Energy is based here in Charlottesville and is working to bring the first utility-scale wind project to Virginia—Rocky Forge Wind in Botetourt County.

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors and Community Partners