Speaker series starts at 1PM at the Freedom of Speech Wall. Speakers will talk on the Eco Fair's theme this year "How is our energy moving us into the future: positive energy, positive community."

Bill Hess

Founder, Evolution Glass

Glass is an amazing material, and yet, 70% of our glass waste ends up in the landfill. Evolution Glass helps transform the abundance of waste glass into beautiful and inspiring products. Bill Hess will speak on how the values and motivation for creating this groundbreaking product can help our communities transform - one glass bottle at a time.

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Carolyn O'Neal


"The impact of our choices will find expression in the physical, affecting ourselves, our relationships, and our world."   Join local author and environmentalist Carolyn O'Neal as she shares a short passage from her new novel, KINGSLEY.  The future depends on us!

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Shaun Moshasha

Owner, Charlottesville Open Bio Labs

As we move into the 21st century we are facing unprecedented obstacles obstructing the progress of human civilization. Issues like fresh water shortage and climate change are global in scale and require a coordinated global effort if we are to overcome them. It seems that we are elevating our collective consciousness, however, and a stunning example of this elevation is within the synthetic biology community, where a global collective of individuals are developing real solutions to these issues using state of the art technology. Learn more about Charlottesville Open Bio Labs

Wendy Vigdor-Hess

Author, Speaker, Inuitive Dietician & Wellness Coach

In this fast-paced life with obesity, diabetes and cancer on the rise, the importance of keeping a positive outlook to life and our food choices is more important than ever. In this brief talk, Wendy will share an empowered and positive approach to healing ourselves and our planet. She'll provide simple tips and ideas to consider for staying positive in mind, body and spirit with the aim of growing healthy from the inside so we can share that with our communities. Learn more about Wendy