Earth Week is Charlottesville and Albemarle’s annual celebration of Earth Day and is an official affiliate of the Earth Day International network. Earth Week was formed in Fall 2001 by a small group of concerned citizens who wanted to reinstitute the local celebration of Earth Day and held its first public event, the Gaia Fair, in Lee Park the following April. Every year since then we have put on an Earth Day celebration encompassing and promoting both our own and other organizations’ efforts to increase environmental activism, expanding our program from a one-day eco-fair to an eight-day series of events in addition to the Eco Fair. 

In 2006, Earth Week joined Virginia Organizing (then Virginia Organizing Project), a 501(c)(3) non-profit company located in Charlottesville, VA which serves as our fiscal agent.Therefore, all donations given to Earth Week are tax deductible.

Earth Week’s Mission

Earth Week is a series of events that celebrate Earth Day in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties. Our mission is to bring local communities together in ways that promote awareness of the value of the natural world and encourage the public to learn about the environment, with the goal of creating strong, engaged stewardship that lasts beyond our April events.

Our vision is to foster a community in which every resident is presented with the opportunity to meaningfully connect with the region’s environmental organizations. To achieve our vision, we facilitate the sharing of information and collaboration between those organizations and the public through education and outreach.

Therefore, Earth Week consists of:

1. An annual eco-fair event on or near Earth Day on April 22, which serves as our primary platform to highlight the work of environmental organizations and businesses;

2. Partnered events with other organizations that have an environmental or ecological focus near the time of Earth Day; and

3. Strategic partnerships to plan, host, sponsor, or participate in other events throughout the calendar year which ultimately serve the cause of promoting good environmental stewardship.